Battery Maintenance 4.0 Foundation

Upcoming Events
  • Datacentre World, London, UK, 11th-12th March

    c/o The Datacentre Alliance stand the Foundation will welcome founding members and interested parties who wish to participate in advancing BM4.0

  • Battery Tech Expo, Silverstone, UK, 26th March 2020

    BM4.0 Paul Smethurst will be presenting a 20 min talk on pioneering BM4.0.

  • Interlec 95, Rhenen, Holland, 21st April 2020

    BM4.0 Paul Smethurst will be presenting a 20 min talk on pioneering BM4.0.

Mission Statement

The Foundations’ mission statement is to increase global battery sustainability with the primary goal of achieving future predictive battery maintenance with Machine Learning and one day AI technologies for all industrial batteries used in standby power by industries such as Oil and Gas, Petrochem, Power Generation and Renewables, Telecomms, Datacentres, Aerospace, Military and Hospitals.

The concept for the Foundation started in 2019 and has been influenced from discussions with battery experts in the UK, Europe and North America. Additional input from battery companies, end users and vendors of equipment that use and sell batteries, have galvanized the concept to form a non for profit foundation to deliver Battery Maintenance 4.0

The Foundation’s ambitious plans will revolutionise the battery maintenance industry by analysis of global battery data sets and to deliver open source access to this data and preventative technology as it develops.

The Foundation’s aims of combining analytical processing of maintenance and test data from current Lead Acid, Nickel-Cadmium (and other chemistries as techniques develop), using data sets from multiple sources and test techniques such as Conductance, Impedance, Internal Resistance, Inter-Link resistance, Capacity Discharge, Autonomy, Specific Gravity etc. with preventative maintenance and precision targeted corrective maintenance will create the road map of how Battery Maintenance 4.0 Foundation will achieve true predictive and prognostic, condition base maintenance enabling maximum service life and ROI on the battery assets.

Board Members Elect
Prof Ian Bitterlin
Chair Elect - Prof Ian Bitterlin

CEng PhD BSc(Hons) BA DipDesInn


Consulting Engineer & Visiting Professor, University of Leeds

Paul Smethurst
Board Member Elect - Paul Smethurst



Managing Director of Hillstone Loadbanks

Jason Koffler
Board Member Elect - Jason Koffler


Managing Director of Critical Power Supplies

Licensed Technologies to BM4.0

Vendor Neutral Battery Maintenance Software Tool.

BattScan2 provides the next generation of low cost IOT cloud connected battery analysers and warranty monitor.

Latest News
Jan 2020
  • Prof Ian Bitterlin agrees to be Chair of BM40 Foundation
  • delivers 200kVA Riello UPS
  • The Foundation website is now live at
  • We have created a Linkedin Group for the foundation as an intrim forum before we host members discussions on the official foundation website.